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Drivers of Digitalisation

Construction’s shift to digital has been relatively lacklustre when compared with other industries, but the pandemic has seen a notable shiftDigitalisation continues to gather momentum in the sector due to a number of key drivers.  

Key Driving forces

The first and most significant is advancements in the enabling technologies that make digitalisation possible. Digital identity platforms like MSite utilise an array of enabling technologies. Our system can collect and report on workforce data, with biometrics instantly validating operative identity. 


Contractors are embracing innovation and technology solutions more readily than ever before. They’re advocating solutions such as MSite across the entire business unit, changing company-wide procurement policies to mandate solutions and are appointing key personnel, such as CIO’s, to oversee digitalisation. 


The pandemic has catalysed this change in consensus towards digital technologies belonging on site. Pressure to keep sites open and operationally safe has never been greater, and many have turned to digital solutions such as the MSite Workforce App for the answer. 


Finally, throw on top increasing regulatory pressure from bodies such as CITB and HSE, and contractors increasingly recognise that their best option is to utilise digital technologies to onboard workers, manage site access rights, streamline training, vet accreditations and meet safety standards.   



The adoption of digital technologies is becoming a contemporary phenomenon in construction, with contractors beginning to recognise the importance of leveraging digital technologies. All driving forces covered are contributing to paradigm shift in the sector, creating a new school of thought that says digital technologies are crucial in driving Productivity and Safety on site.  


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