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Direct to Worker Shift

The UK construction industry employs circa 3.1 million people – a huge 9% of the UK workforce. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic was a cause for concern for construction contractors, with many wondering how they will keep sites open and their workforce safe amidst the pandemic 

What is the Direct-to-Worker shift?

 The Direct-to-Worker shift is MSite’s fresh approach to workforce and site management through the digitalisation of the worker. This digitalisation of the worker enabled through the MSite Workforce and Supervisor Apps, is changing the way in which principal contractors manage and interact with their construction workforce.


How will this DTW shift benefit contractors and their workforce?

The emphasis here is on data. By placing MSite into the hands of every worker, we can extract richer and more powerful information from the on-site workforce. Better informing site teams with data insights into their workforce and equipping them with the tools to drive key improvements throughout the build process.

The ability to digitally capture people and plant equipment, then map these resources optimally with on-site processes is a real game changer for contractors. This digitalised approach to workforce and site management means resources are utilised in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


Employee Notifications

The new Employee Notifications feature is MSite’s latest and arguably most exciting contribution to the Direct-to-Worker shift. It allows site teams and head offices to send messages instantly to the frontline construction workforce via the MSite Workforce App. Significantly reducing the time & cost associated with rolling out updates to specific sites or groups of workers.


Looking to the future

Keeping sites open and operationally safe throughout the pandemic has been a top priority for contractors - so we created the MSite Workforce App. Direct-to-Worker solutions enabled via the app, such as Employee Notifications, are just the start.

Every day, more and more contractors are embracing MSite’s Direct-to-Worker approach, paving the way to a new era of construction workforce management, centred around the digitalisation of the worker.


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